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General Resources is comprised of a team of manufacturing, supply chain, packaging and sales professionals. Our team has spent the last four years helping to develop and market clean surface technology solutions to major retailers in the US. We’ve taken our experience and developed a program that will expand product offerings into new applications, price them more aggressively than in the past and eliminate barriers to doing business that have plagued others.

General Resources has created a clean surface technology clinically proven to provide persistent protection. We have extensive knowledge in multiple industries and work with clients to address the growing demand in healthcare, agriculture, food service, oil and gas, paper and pulp, plastics, textile, and skin care for the next level of clean surface technology.

In short, we are about:


We are constantly looking for new ways to apply our GR-AD Pro formula for our clients.


We are dedicated to the development of a clean surface technology that lasts.


We are proud that all our products are made in the USA and priced to sell effectively.


We are dedicated to helping you further your brand and organization’s needs.