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We compare GR-AD Pro with a poisonous concentrated quaternary cleaner that has been sold since 1990 and is currently used extensively in the JAN/SAN industry.
GR-AD Pro is the only 100% non-toxic solution suspended in pure water, capable of bonding with all surfaces. It creates an inert surface that maintains cleaner and safer surfaces.
What is GR-AD Pro?

GR-AD Pro is versatile, industrial product line that utilizes a  water-based, patented formula. Our products maintain cleaner surfaces for up to 30 days.

  • Non-toxic, nonabrasive and non-migrating
  • Free of harsh chemicals, asthmagens and carcinogens such as triclosan, sulfate and parabens
  • Maintains consistent and lower ATP levels
  • Invisible and odorless; can be applied without affecting day-to-day operations


How long does GR-AD Pro last?

GR-AD Pro continuously work for up to 30 days, providing long-term protection from the microscopic level. However, large-scale contaminants must still be removed to allow GR-AD Pro to do its job. This is similar to disinfectants, which require surfaces to be cleaned before the disinfectant can be effective.

How would I clean a GR-AD Pro protected surface?

GR-AD Pro surfaces are not affected by traditional cleaners. We recommend wiping the surface with a microfiber cloth and water to remove large-scale contaminants prior to disinfection.

How does GR-AD Pro perform in ATP tests?

GR-AD Pro has been clinically proven to reduce ATP readings for up to 30 days. Long-term testing has proven that low-traffic areas can maintain safe ATP levels up to 90 days.

Is GR-AD Pro’s formula safe?

GR-AD Pro is 100% non-toxic and free of arsenic, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, or polychlorinated phenols.